• 2. Semester
    • Illustration
    • Valentin Dittlmann

A virtual reality experience through my dreams.

Do you remember what you dreamt last night? Probably not. That’s why I have documented my dreams for the last two months. The problem is we quickly forget our dreams. When I wake up I immediately tell my story to a voice recorder. Thus I make sure not to forget anything. With this technique I conserved my dreams and can recall the dreamed pictures again while reading. It is one thing to record the dreams – but how can i share my dreams to others as dreamlike as possible?

I want others to experience my dreams. So I use the immersive quality of Virtual Reality. In this way, the observer is not only a passive viewer of a film, but is encouraged to actively act in my dream. In this experience the spectator wanders through eight dreams. They can count snowflakes on a Caribbean Island, jump from rock to rock over lava, stare into a million eyeballs and gets covered by fried eggs.

Have a look into my dreams by yourself.